Thanksgiving Fun!

UPDATE:  The winner of the giveaway is Kristi Smith!  Congratulations!  Kristi, please send me an e-mail at and I'll send the packet your way! Thank you to everyone who commented, I loved reading all your traditions!

It's almost Thanksgiving and I feel like the past few months have FLOWN by!  I have been a terrible blogger lately but I've still been here working and creating : ).  There are lots of new things going on in my TPT store for teachers and SLPs if you want to check it out.  Here are a few Thanksgiving themed things for this upcoming week if you're in need of some last minute resources!

First up for SLPs!  I have a fun freebie called Artic Turkeys which I completed with all my pre-schoolers this past week.  It has articulation cards for my most commonly used phonemes in the initial position but could easily be adapted for language too!

My little ones love crafts so much, I'm hoping to make a craft for each month, so stay tuned for more to come!

I also have been working on creating monthly vocabulary packets for my little friends to introduce and learn seasonal vocabulary.  Check out the November set! I have used it for both language and articulation this past week. 

I have most of the other monthly vocabulary months posted too (still working on August, September and October). A bundle will be posted once they're all done!

For my teacher friends I put together a quick no prep pack that has 5 ELA and 5 Math activities, great for a short week! They are aligned to the 2nd grade CCSS.  

This is another one that will be growing, Christmas and New Year's No Prep Practice are also available! The ELA activities can easily be used for older kiddos who are working on language skills too! : )

And my new close read pack full of Fall stories is also available (spring and summer are coming soon, I promise.  Thanks for all your Q&A's/emails about them, I hope to have spring done around Christmas time).  And another bundle will be made once these are all done too!

Oh an I almost forgot about these oldies but goodies for 2nd graders!
GIVEAWAY ALERT: Since most of my readers are FANTASTIC 2nd grade teachers, let's have a giveaway for my No Prep Thanksgiving pack!  We'll make it super quick since I'm sure you'd want it for tomorrow.  Leave a comment about your favorite Thanksgiving tradition and I'll pick a winner by 8:00 PM EST tonight to win a FREE copy! Gobble Gobble : )  


  1. Hey Deana! I love all of your stuff, as always! I'm thinking of grabbing your vocab packs because I have two ESL students who speak minimal English and I think they could really benefit from extra vocab practice.

    I have two favorite Thanksgiving traditions: staying in pjs all day and watching superhero movies with my dad AND Black Friday shopping with my mom! Last year I won $100 at Anthropoologie! Hope you're well and you have a great holiday!

  2. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to a movie with family. Always fun to remember which ones we saw together. Fingers crossed... tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  3. One of my favorite traditions is having a Thanksgiving feast in my classroom! I do all the cooking and my kiddos enjoy!! It is always such a great time!

  4. I love your stuff. I'm thinking of grabbing some of your speech things for my grandson.
    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition at school is letting my students eat in the classroom. They think it's the best. At home I just love spending time with my extended family visiting and catching up

  5. Looking forward to starting new Thanksgiving traditions as a newlywed and first year 2nd grade teacher! In the classroom, I can't wait to make pumpkin pancakes and create Thankful Pumpkins with my kids. As a family, can't wait for food, football and family!

  6. I just love that the whole family gets together and enjoys good food and company without everyone on their phones or doing work. We all make dishes, but I still love my grandmother's desserts and my dad's sweet potato casserole best. :)

  7. My favourite Thanksgiving tradition would have to be the after-dinner packing up of leftovers! My mom, my two sisters, and me always do this together and for some reason, I just really love this part...well, that and eating my mom's homemade pumpkin pie =D.

  8. My favorite traditions is going to the movies with my kids before a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my parents. I can't wait! Love your products and I am thankful for a chance to win!

  9. One of our traditions is watching the Ohio State and Michigan game on Saturday after Thanksgiving! We also all go to my parents house which makes for a very crowded table!

  10. My favorite tradition is after we are done eating and it gets dark outside, my cousins and I always drive around the town to see if we can spot any houses with Christmas lights up already! You'd be surprised at home many people do! We've been doing it since we were kids, and we have kept it alive even though we are in our twenties and thirties with children of our own! Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving : )