Speech Therapy Apps and #SLPMustHave Sale

I posted a little while ago about my favorite educational apps for kids, well I have had several requests for my favorite speech therapy apps so I made another list!  Some may overlap but these are my current favorites.  I often have parents ask for app recommendations so I give this list and highlight the apps we have used in therapy or that I would recommend.  

Here are pictures of some apps in action!  
LOVE, love love Peekaboo Barn!!  I made this playdoh mat to go with the app so my kiddos had a visual cue while inferring which animal they hear. They also work on identifying and naming the animals too.

These LAZ readers are super easy to pull up and read when we're working on story structure and comprehension! I have all the free ones (for now!). 

This is the Mr. Potato Head Create and Play app, it's not on my list above but it's quickly becoming a favorite!  I have a "real" Potato Head to match the digital one and we've been working on matching, naming, identifying and following directions with these two!

If you follow me on instragram you've been seeing these pictures pop up but if not be sure to follow me @primarypunch to see what's going on in my speech room lately.  Here are some more recent pictures!
I use this first words play doh mat all. the. time.  It is a lifesaver and many of my kiddos are working on naming and identifying those first 12 words.  I also have a bucket of "real" objects from the mat that we use too! We usually push the play doh down to fill in each circle but I have a few kiddos who like to place little balls on top of the pictures instead. : ) You can grab the playdoh mat for FREE here!

Ahh yes, I have a few hitters.  We have been reading this book whenever the hitting starts up.  It's also good for teaching verbs (-ing) too!  Although, the "dressing" page is one that I skip. : )

I have very few school age kiddos but when I do, I LOVE it!  I feel right at home teaching those older kiddos.  One of my kiddos was working on decoding multisyllabic words so we broke out some things from my Study of Morphology packet and even the big kids love the monkey tree!

It's also the 7th of February which means there's a #SLPMustHave sale going on for TODAY ONLY! My new no prep language bundle is on sale for 50% off today only (February 7, 2015)!

I use this bundle almost every day!  Here are a few pages we've been working on. I always sit on the left, which I never noticed until I was putting these pictures together, so sorry they are all from my seat on the left : )

This one is great for using and identifying plural nouns!  We also used it for adjectives too! It's from Plural Nouns {No Prep Practice}

This one is from Pronouns {No Prep Practice}
Whew!  That was a long post (finally, right?) and a lot of pictures!  I love sharing what I have been using or finding helpful and I hope you enjoy seeing them too!  


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