Question Word Posters

Surprise!!  How do you like the new and improved Primary Punch?!  I am thrilled with how the design came out, all thanks to the amazing Designs by Tenille! I have something BIG in the works to celebrate next week so stay tuned! We started with teacher workdays this week.  Did I forget to mention I'm back with the school system this year??  I am thrilled to be returning to the school system as a school-based speech-language pathologist this year!  I feel right back in my element and can't wait to get started.  This week has been spent in PD meetings and trying to wrap my brain around the paperwork.  I have also been working on my cute speech room too!

 Our kids first day is next Tuesday and I have ALOT to learn before then.  I have been trying to figure out some housekeeping items and what I want to put on the walls is one thing I've been working on. Here's what I have so far. If you follow me on instagram these are old news : )  and sorry for the burliness, not sure why they seem so fuzzy.  
I have been laminating, cutting and then repeating the process!  Here's my big ol' mess from today.

I put together a "where am I?" sign since I will be roaming the halls quite a bit picking up and dropping off kiddos.  I LOVE this one from A Perfect Blend but I needed more places so I tweaked it a bit.  

I needed a new alphabet and THIS ONE from Jen Jones is just beautiful, plus she incorporated my love of all things Kate Hadfield!  Does anyone else use the floor to try to align it on the wall so that it's centered?  I still somehow manage to make it just slightly off centered. 

I went with a monster theme for my door this year after seeing THIS from Reagan. We aren't allowed to decorate the actual door due to fire marshal code. My OCD self had to make the monsters on the wall match the monsters in the banner so I made my own banner.  I also made those SUPER HUGE monsters following THIS tutorial.  It was very easy!

And here's another view of the banner, sorry for the lamination glare.  I love how it turned out.

I also put together some question word posters which haven't made it up on the wall yet but will very soon!  As a THANK YOU to all who shopped in my store during the sale yesterday they are available for FREE!  You can grab them by clicking the on the picture below!  Hope you're off to a great school year!

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