Don't Wake the Monster! {No Prep Speech Therapy Games}

I have always been a fan of card games that are super easy to prep and play.  I have played versions of "Bang" or "zap" for years and I've carried this over into speech as well.  In speech this past week we've been playing "Don't Wake the Monster!". Color ink is expensive and hard to come by at my school so I prefer black/white printables that I can make colorful by printing onto colored copy paper.  Since I often have a group of kiddos working on different goals I have been printing each kiddo's cards on a different color paper so we can all play together but work on different goals!
I also set the iPad timer from anywhere from 5-7 minutes depending on the group.  They LOVE the timer, it makes them work harder and stay on task.  Plus they love being able to tell when time will be up!   I have put together two different packets, one with articulation games and one with language games. If you're looking for quick and easy articulation or language games you can check them out by clicking on either picture below!

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