February Therapy

February is here tomorrow and love is in the air!  This month is all about groundhogs, hearts, and love!  Here's what I have planned for therapy in February (and three freebies too!). You can click on any of the pictures to find the resource. 

This game is brand new this year.  I have been working on similar games for each month/holiday and they are a new favorite among my groups in 2nd grade and up!  Print one gameboard for each student (I print front to back with articulation targets on one side and language on the back).  You'll need one dice to play this game and any kind of small object to cover the squares. I am going to use candy hearts to play.

These super easy printables are great month to month!  Use bingo daubers or crayons to decorate the page.  Lots of skills are included and make planning for mixed groups really easy. 

We use playdough quite a bit in therapy when little hands get restless.  I have mats printed for February to work on naming and identifying seasonal vocabulary.  We also use this to answer WH- questions too!

This fun game contains LOTS of targeted skills and is super easy to play and use.  Just print a set of cards for each student!  I like to use a paper bag or envelope to keep the cards together and then send the cards home for homework after a session. 

These were created for 2nd-grade classroom use (so they have ELA and Math printables too) but I like using the mini-read and the vocabulary cards to target a variety of skills.  

My older kids (grades 3rd-5th) are really enjoying the 50 trial challenges. We will complete a few for Valentine's Day this month with hearts! We use the bingo daubers again to mark the hearts.

This FREE printable isn't for therapy but we sure do LOVE to use playdough during therapy so I like to give out mini-playdough cans for Valentine's Day!  These printable labels make this super easy! 

This FREE file of printables is so much fun for Valentine's week! I even sneak in a little math and science during therapy sessions with these materials. You'll need a few bags of candy hearts to complete the activities! 

Last but not least, I have FREE groundhog day printables to use for the beginning of the month!  These are great printables to learn about Groundhog Day and can be used to teach vocabulary, describe, answer questions and/or comprehension skills. 

That's all for now, I hope your month of February is full of love too!

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