Back-to-School Free Resources

Today I am sharing fifteen freebies that are great for back-to-school!  They are mostly for speech-language pathologists but some would be helpful to teachers too! 

In this picture below you'll see my speech and language home practice handouts, they are my first freebie!  These are great for teachers and parents to send home for practice. Word lists for articulation targets are also included!
Next, is my most popular freebie, Non-Fiction Text Feature Posters.  These are beautiful to hang in your classroom (or remote learning room!)

I usually add to these as I get more and more requests once a year.  I update them once a year around August 1st.
These had an update this past spring!  Printing on Astrobrights paper makes them really pop.  I also have them available as individual downloads per page to make posting digitally super easy!

I always think of handouts I wish I had when I'm in IEP meetings talking with parents or teachers.  So, I made a bunch of handouts for just that reason.  They are also easy to post online if you are teaching remotely too.

These cards are great for pre-school students.  I hand them out to parents who are having trouble with how to help their little one expand their language or articulation skills through play.

I had a lot of referrals for stuttering last year so I created these to help give parents some basic information and some practice ideas for helping at home.

I would highly recommend starting a collection of mini-objects to use during therapy! The labels are free and include objects from both the Dinky Doodads complete speech sound set and the Lakeshore Alphabet Tubs. 

This is a HUGE collection of forms and informal assessments I use all the time!  I will be using a lot of these forms to get organized for this school year. Whether I'm seeing kids virtually or in-person, I still keep paper/pencil notes for each student during our sessions. 

This is a great resource to get kids started with core vocabulary.  Since it is in Boom Card form, you can easily share it with families to practice at home using a fast pin.

I have a paper/pencil version and a digital version of this screener!  It was created with teachers in mind, they wanted a quick screener to determine just what kind of errors they were hearing so they could start helping their students with RTI. 

This would be great for students who are just learning how to use boom cards or their colors, especially pre-K students.
I have a whole post HERE about my Practice Pets idea but I also have these free printables in my TPT store to help too! I bought my mini-erasers from Amazon but I've seen then at Five Below stores too. 
These mats help keep little hands busy during those first few weeks back to school when they are exploring all the classroom materials.  You can use the summer mats to talk about things they did over the summer or the fall mats to introduce fall vocabulary. 
I play this game with mini-objects but you can use pretty much anything that you want to hid in a bag or box.  You could easily play with printable flash cards cards too! It's great for both language and articulation practice. It's also easy to play in-person or virtually.  When playing virtually I just screen share the poster and can easily hide the objects out of the camera's view. 
That's it!  I hope those are helpful in getting your school year started whether it's face-to-face or teletherapy!

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