Halloween Therapy Theme

 We're rounding out October with one last theme, all about Halloween!  I know some places are not allowed to teach/play Halloween games so if that applies to you feel free to skip this post.  I am still providing services 100% through teletherapy so I will be sticking mostly to the Boom Card activities and games/stories we can use with the document camera but I included all the activities I have made or would use if I was face to face as well. Here are some spooky ideas!

First, I have a new resource that is not solely Halloween related, Build-A-Scene!  I actually included 22 open-ended scenes for a wide range of seasons, holidays, and themes.  We will be using the Halloween Night scene with my language groups to work on giving directions, asking/answering questions, using propositions, and overall conversational discourse needed to build the scene. You will see me mention this one in upcoming themes too!

Next, I have a variety of print and go resources.  I have my Halloween Bingo, Halloween No Prep, and October Vocabulary. These have a wide variety of games, puzzles, vocabulary cards, short stories and printables to cover the Halloween theme. 

This playdough mat is from my October Vocabulary file but I also put together an October Winning Word Boom Card game that covers almost all the same vocabulary for teletherapy. 

This year I found out that Spot It! makes seasonal versions!  I frantically searched the internet to find the Halloween version because this game is one of my older students' favorites and we can play it with a document camera too. It has a pretty good range of words with /R/ phonemes which is great because most of my older articulation groups are working on /R/ phonemes. Some examples of /R/ words included are "thirteen, trick, treat, monster, crow, brain, spider web, scarecrow, werewolf, pitchfork, rat, candy corn, spider, Frankenstein, Dracula, jack-o-lantern, and broom. Since the pictures are a bit spooky for Halloween I would recommend this for 3rd grade and up. 

Of course, I can't share a theme therapy post without a collection of books!  I seem to love buying Halloween books because I think this is the largest collection I have for a certain theme. Some of my favorites from this set: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, It's Pumpkin Day Mouse, Little Blue Truck's Halloween, Hallo-Weiner, and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost. 

With teletherapy, I will still read actual books with the document camera but sometimes digital books are easier.  So, I created a new Boom Book called Trick or Treat!  It has five parts to the deck: story, WH- questions, retelling, sequencing, and yes/no questions. 

And last but not least, I have shared a FREE boom card deck called Haunted House!  This works on naming/identifying spooky creatures as well as making inferences based on clues.  I mostly made it just to be a fun halloween-themed activity that would be engaging for my younger language groups. There are eight creatures in the deck that are haunting the haunted house. The trick or treaters will give clues as to what is haunting the haunted house! 

That wraps up Halloween!  I hope it has given you some new ideas and that you are able to find a way to use the free Haunted House deck with your students!

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