Outer Space Therapy Theme

 We are down to our last few weeks of school!  I have two more themes this school year and then we'll be on summer break.  Next week's theme is all about outer space.  I have books, games, toys, printables, boom cards, and more to address our speech and language goals while also incorporating an outer space theme. 

I have linked all the pictures to items from my TPT store or Amazon where I purchased them.  Full disclosure: the amazon links are affiliate links and I may earn a commission from clicking on them or purchasing items through the link. 

 Here's a look at the materials we'll use next week, I hope it gives you some ideas if you are planning an outer space theme with your kids!

My bug box was a huge hit with my pre-schoolers so I wanted to make an outer space sensory box for this week.  I found a great set all ready to go from Amazon for only $20.  It came with almost everything you see in the box.  The only thing I added was the tiny planets.  We'll use this to follow directions, request, name, identify, take turns, and expand MLU skills. 

Of course, I have to include a fun collection of books!  These books range from pre-k to 5th grade. Sometimes we read the books to work on language skills (ex. answering questions, sequencing, retelling, etc.) but we can also use them to go on a "sound hunt" to search for words with our speech sound too.  I have a printable to record the words we find in my Print N' Go Outer Space file that we use if we're going on a sound hunt. 

I stole this outer space puzzle from my boys at home and thought it would be fun to use in therapy with my middle elementary kids.  I plan on using the Space Race gameboards (see a little further down) and giving out puzzle pieces for every production.  At the end of the session, we'll see how quickly we can put the puzzle together after we've practiced. 

I found this fun magnetic scene set for $20 at Barnes and Noble and thought it would make a great language activity for some of my students with Autism who enjoy magnetic activities.  This brand (Floss & Rock) has a few other magnetic scene sets I bought too.

I put together a new Print N' Go file all about Outer Space for some printables.  It has these vocabulary cards (I put them in a pocket chart in the classroom as we match them to the definitions).  There's also a variety of printables, puzzles, and a playdough mat that we'll use from this file for a wide range of my groups. I also included a Space-themed 50 Trial Articulation Challenge printable too. These 50 Trials are usually a hit with my 4th-5th graders. 

Let's have a Space Race!  I'll pull out my Space Race games for a few groups too.  These fun mini-erasers are from the Target Dollar Spot from last year. My kids love these games and we play them often throughout the year.  I also use the gameboards whenever I need a collection of words to practice like we'll do with the outer space puzzle activity. 

I can't leave out all the fun Boom Cards too!  I am still seeing kids virtually and we use Boom Cards a lot because they are so easy to pull up and the kids really enjoy them.  The boom book is all about learning the planets in our solar system, Catch an Alien has a collection of language skills, Articulation Alien Catcher has 25 phoneme game boards (this is also super fun to play in-person with the SmartBoard or projector), and iSpy Outer Space works on out of this world vocabulary. 

And that's a wrap for outer space!  Next week we'll head back to Earth with an underwater/ocean theme. 


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