What's been happening in our classroom lately?

I was super busy last week but we still managed to learn and complete quite a bit of things!  Here is a picture walk of the things we have been working on lately.  Many of the ideas were from pinterest or other teacher blogs and I try to give credit under each picture.  My kiddos have been loving all of the hands-on activities!

Here are some pictures of our finished weather projects that I mentioned in an older post.  We finished clouds and rainbows! I found the 3-D rainbows on pinterest of course, they are super easy but the kids can't really make them.  To make them you just cut strips and each color is 1 inch shorter than the one before it.  Put them in ROYGBIV order and staple each side.  You have to bend it slightly so it arches but my kids couldn't way to take them home! I also made rainbow jello because I saw it online and thought it was a GREAT idea.  It took me a week to finish and yes they loved it but it was a tiny bit time consuming.  

We also made some Halloweeny type things since it was Halloween and all.  We created monster glyph's and wrote about them.  I saw this posted on The Teacher Wife which I believe she found form Kindergarten Rocks.  Since they were designed for kinders we bumped them up a little and they made them independently. I also added teeth for the number of siblings they have.  I didn't pre-cut the shapes but they did use tracers for the big shapes.   I also had them write an imaginary story about their monster after we created them using paragraphs. Here some pictures before they started writing.  They came out really well, I was impressed since they made them pretty much from scratch. 

 I also read aloud A Very Brave Witch by Alison McGhee.  We then created our witch feet that I stumbled upon from Step Into 2nd Grade. They had to describe their witch using adjectives OR character traits. My example is the yellow page. They also made these from scratch and please pardon their spelling and handwriting.  I haven't let them use marker to write words very often and you can see why below.  I had several black blobs where they tried to "X" out their mistakes. My kiddos need erasers! : )

 I also create this little poster from a pin I saw on pinterest. I laminated it and use post-its so we can use it with every story. I use it mostly in small group during literacy block.

Even though it was Halloween I still had to introduce a new math objective since the 2nd nine weeks started today.  We ordered numbers from 0-500 in our math journals. I made these on the computer at school and don't have the file at home otherwise I would link it!

 Whew!  We have been busy and I am so thankful for the internet!  There are so many good ideas out there that I would never have thought of.  I keep finding more and more everyday!


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