Handprint Calendar

I can't believe it's already November, I may or may not have already been listening to the Glee Christmas CD....  Since Christmas is usually here VERY quickly I need to get started on our handprint calendars!  I have made these every year and while they do take a lot of card stock and paint, many parents have said how much they loved them.  My kiddos have also loved having a present to give.   The idea came from Little Giraffees and you can find all of the details there.   I have changed the pictures for certain months from time to time for example, I made christmas lights around Santa last year with fingerprints for the bulbs and then I used a black marker for the wire. It really is a fun (time consuming) project for the holidays!  Also, for 2nd graders I have them put holidays in each month and their birthday.  For 1st grade I left the calendar blank and just stuck with the paint. When we finish them I always bring in wrapping paper and the kids wrap them up to take them home.  


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