Anchors (Charts) Away!

I have been using my chart paper like it's going out of style.  I like to start lessons with an anchor chart or if we are having a hard time understanding a topic I like to make a chart to help clarify something (pay no attention to the pronouns on our noun chart, I took them off after I took the picture ).  Some of these charts I spent some time on and some I just threw together because we needed it (like the what is reading chart, which I have never had to use before but my new little nuggets needed some help).  I am a little rusty on my artsyness but have been getting better!  Some are not quite finished either (number lines), I plan on adding some more as we learn more about them. But here are a few of the charts I have made this week.  And that handsome pig is Poppleton, our week is centered around that crazy pig!

(I just read this again and noticed my mistake on Reading is #7...oops I will have to fix that tomorrow!)

I also broke out the math games today and boy were they a hit!  I have started my year out with these AWESOME free math games to review the 1st grade skills for the past 2 years and they work great!  Check them out for yourself, they only need a few materials and are easy to follow. Unfortunately I don't think this wonderful teacher blogs anymore but you can still access the math games!

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