Math Rings, Behavior Bank and Angry Verbs!

Hello Friends! Well, we have been super busy again this week putting some things into place in the classroom.  First,  I have assembled (with major help from my awesome teacher assistant) and send home our first round of math rings.  These were made by the amazing Erica Bohrer and are available for FREE from here. I print each level on a different color of construction paper and will work through addition and subtraction throughout the year (and hopefully get to multiplication with some of my kiddos).

I will "test" them on their facts in the mornings or during math if we have time, they also can practice their facts during math games/centers time. As an incentive to bring these back to school and practice, each student can earn an ice cream "scoop" when they pass a level.  I put two levels together on the initial ring so that's why the cone below has two purple scoops, usually its one scoop per color/level.  When they reach 5 scoops the student gets an ice cream treat! They are so into it and are trying so hard to pass the levels (and they just went home last Friday).  Fluency with addition and subtraction math facts is a new common core standard for 2nd grade and so far this has been pretty easily to implement!
Here's a wide shot of our cones, hopefully we'll have lots of purple scoops soon!  I don't know why it turned out so red but the cabinets are a reddish color. 
The lettering turned out cute and I wish I could say it was from my Cameo but sadly I don't have one.  Instead I printed them really big (font is MTF Jumpin' Jack) and then backed them on colored paper. 

We also started our Behavior Bank last week.  Here is a run down of the prices and payroll.  We have a lot of economy objectives in Social Studies and we have to learn to count coins and make change in math so this hits ALOT of our objectives plus it also creates great behavior!

We buy every Friday during math and these are the things they can "buy".

When I found out we have so many economic standards I decided a payroll would be good for them to keep track of what income they should be getting and how they can make money! Plus, I win with this since all of these things are how I want them to behave!

This is their "bank" where they keep their money.  I got these from the Dollar Tree they were $1.00 for 10 and I have used them year after year.  I just change the label each year.

Last but not least, we are working our way up to collective nouns this week but I felt that we should review nouns, verbs and adjectives first.  So, I saw this last night on Pinterest and thought they would love it to review verbs, and they definitely did! Each bird has a different verb on them.

Whew, that was a lot to accomplish this week so far and it's only Tuesday!



  1. I love your ice cream scoop math idea!

    I love that you do bank too. I've subbed in a few classes that do this and it really helps with behavior when they can buy a treat that they like.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!

  2. Awe, the rings look great! Thanks for the shout out and link back. I love how you use money as a behavior system. Great idea.