Charts, Icons and a FREEBIE!

The winner of the Out of this World Informational Text pack is Colleen!  Congratulations, an e-mail is coming your way!

Before you check out some of our work this week, I want to say that I took the pictures with my iPhone, so I apologize for the fuzziness! First up is writing, in writing we are kind of in an in-between stage right now.  We are getting ready to enter an informational/expository couple of weeks after spring break so we're trying to wrap up paragraph writing and editing.  We made a few charts this week to review some important writing skills that my little ones needed to review.
This chart is our take on "said is dead",  my kiddos took out their writing folders and went back to edit their "saids" into something fantastic!  

This chart is only halfway done.  This is a list of words that we came up with which are "unforgivable" if they are spelled incorrectly.  We started with kindergarten words (CVC and sight words) and then moved into the 1st grade zone (blends/digraphs and sight words). We ran out of time today, so we'll finish it up tomorrow!

In ELA, we are wrapping up our multicultural six week unit next week and then moving into informational text focusing on nutrition.  I posted my newest pack, Out of this World Informational Text last night because I also wanted to add some information about the solar system into our ELA instruction.  Well, we have been trying out a few of the activities to see how they work over the last few days.  This one was an instant hit!  We reviewed what an icon was by making our own app icons! They came up with such cute ideas and I was surprised at how broad their span was.  They came up with games, educational, music and book apps!  
Here's our finished "iCons".  They keep walking past it and pressing all the apps to see if they work.  I love how some of them even put a "new" banner on their icon.  

Before the finished product they had to design their app.  Here are some examples of their design plans.

And here are some of the icons up close!
This is the "Long Fall" app, it teaches you how to fall out of an airplane without dying : )

This is the "Cleaner" app which lets you take a picture of any room and show you how to clean it up!

My kids really loved this activity and I feel they now have a much better understanding of different icons!  If you'd like to do it with your kiddos the template and design page is included in the Out of this World Informational Text pack!

Now onto the FREEBIE!!  I had a request for a multiplication set of Write Way Math and here it is!  You can download it from my TPT store by clicking on one of the pictures below! Happy Friday Eve friends!


  1. How cute! I love those anchor charts and it means so much more when they get to help make them!! Thanks for the ideas!

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Hi there!

    Just wondering where you got the lined anchor chart paper from? i would LOVE something like this to use for my classroom posters!!!!