Write Way Math {FREEBIE}

We are on day two of subtraction with regrouping in math and I was ready to pull out my hair today.  Normally I don't mind teaching math (don't tell math but literacy is my favorite) and adding with regrouping wasn't bad but now that we are trying to subtract and regroup it's torture.  I have a group of kiddos that just don't get it and are having a hard time.  So I was trying to think of what was causing the biggest confusion and I noticed that they are all lacking fluency with basic math facts.  This is slowing them up to begin with before they can even figure out how to regroup. They just aren't seeing the "more on the floor" and when we do get ready to subtract I am getting a lot of blank stares. So, I made two springy math fact card games for extra practice (I also sent home some subtraction flash cards since subtraction seems to be harder than addition).  The games aren't anything fancy but I think the more they are exposed to solving simple math facts, the better they will become.  The cute pencils are by Krista Wallden and she has several other pencil themes, so if this game is successful I may be making more! Both games are FREE on TPT and you can click on them from the pictures below! I hope they help my kiddos as well as yours!


  1. Great freebie!! I have a few kiddos who could really use these -- plus they are cute and colorful!! Thanks!

    That's So Second Grade!

  2. Thanks so much! This is a perfect use for the adorable pencil clip art!


  3. Yes...math fluency with basic facts definitely aids to quickly solving double digit problems!

  4. Thank you so much for the freebies, Deana! They are TOO cute!! I just found you randomly through TpT--and I am SO excited to be your newest follower! ...and now I'm going to read through your older posts :) :) Thanks again for the freebies!

    Little Miss Primary