All About Color!

Happy March!  March brings one of my favorite themes to teach, colors!!  During the month of March we did anything and everything to do with the rainbow when I was in the classroom!  So, in speech this month I wanted to incorporate colors into therapy.  With my little ones we will be sorting objects by color and practicing our two word phrases for colors+object and with my bigger kiddos I have some crafts to incorporate more difficult articulation or language goals!  I plan on doing all of this with my new packet, All About Color!

This packet was created for speech and language therapy but also for kindergarteners too!  I know those kinder kiddos work on identifying and naming colors throughout the school year and there are many activities in here that would work great with kinders!  I think I am most excited about the crafts, I am a sucker for crafitivities.   There are three crafts with templates included in the packet. 

I had to throw in a pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day.  I plan on reading several Leprechaun books with my sweet kiddos this month too!

I cannot get enough of these 3D rainbows!  They are just awesome.  All the crafts were created with the speech and language strips included in the packet. I also used colored copy paper for each craft.  I bought the rainbow pack of colored copy paper from Walmart.  I used the /k/ and /g/ strips for my examples but there are MANY different goals covered.  I hope March decides to be a little warmer than February has been! Have a great week!

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