Vocabulary Parking Lots

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Things at work have been ridiculously busy and my sweet husband's baseball season has started so I apologize for being so MIA.  I just wanted to pop in real quick and share a new FREEBIE!  I have a few little kiddos who LOVE cars and we are working on naming and identifying vocabulary.  So, I while trying to combine the two I came up with vocabulary parking lots!  You ca download them for free by clicking on either picture below! 
Here's the parking lot in action! You can also connect mats to make one long road as kiddos get more and more comfortable with the vocabulary. 

What can you use these for?  Here are some ideas!
Following Commands: Say “Drive to the ___”.
Naming Vocabulary: Say “What’s that?”
Identifying Vocabulary: Say “Can you find the __?”.
Two-step directions: Say “Drive to the __ then go to the __”.
Object function: Say “Find something we __ (wear/eat/ride, etc)”. 
Qualitative Concepts: Say “Find something that is ____ (yellow, small, etc.)”.
Non-speech/Environmental Sounds: Encourage imitation of animals sounds, make a car sound “vroom” as you drive.

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