Applesauce Valentine Tags

Valentine's day is quickly approaching!  I like to send in a little something for the kiddos at Camden's day care and since most are under 2 it's hard to find something they can all enjoy.  So, this year I went with applesauce!  I know they all like and can eat applesauce so I'm hoping it's a hit.  You can download the tags for FREE by clicking on any of the pictures below. Tags are made with clip art from Kate Hadfield and are super easy to assemble.  I just printed on card stock, cut them out, hole punched them near the top and tied them down with some string.

I included two different sayings, one says "Valentine, you're my main squeeze!" and the other says "You're awesome-sauce, valentine!" You can use both like I did or choose whichever you like the best.   Hope your week is filled with love and chocolate! : )

Here is an example of the tag printed with color ink. 
Note: Please be aware that these tags are NOT editable.  You will have to write your name next to the heart.  Thanks for understanding! 


  1. So stinking cute!! Amber is giving these to her classmates!

  2. How adorable! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I love this idea and want to use this for my students for Valentines next year. I tried to download but I was not able to. Please help!

    :) Joshlin

  4. Found this for 2017 but couldn't download it.. help please! :)

  5. Hi Melissa,

    I fixed the link, it should work now! : )