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 I am taking a break from themes this week to share some simple and easy games that I use often with my teletherapy groups.  As much as I love thematic therapy sometimes we just need a quick and easy game to play which is where these come in. I find that these are pretty high-interest games and keep the kids excited throughout our session.  I can make these games stretch the entire session or we can play quickly at the end of a session for fun.  They specifically target goals (mostly articulation) which I love and give us some good drill and practice (and data!).  All of these games were created as Boom Cards which makes them really easy to pull up on a web browser and screen share with whatever platform we are using (Ex. Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc.).  I also like using boom card games because I can still use them with a projector or SmartBoard when we go back face to face or send a Fast Pin and let them play at home for extra practice.  Let's check them out!

First, I have my new Winning Word Games!  I have posted a set for each articulation sound and a bundle!  There are 10 different gameboards in each file making it possible to play each sound multiple times throughout a session or several times throughout the year without the kids knowing where the winning word may be.  The gameboards stay the same but the winning word changes.  I also like with these games that there are 15 words included and for most sounds, the phoneme is targeted in the initial, medial, and final position.  These games are so simple even my preschoolers-5th graders can play! I am currently working on a Winning Word Phonology games with minimal pairs now and then I will also make Winning Word games for Apraxia (syllable structures) too! 

Next, I have my Four-in-a-Row games!  I have one for articulation and one for language.  All 25 sounds are included in the articulation file and all 20 language skills are included in the language file.  These are best for older elementary-middle school students as they will have to read to play.  My husband who is also an SLP has also played them with high schoolers before.  The concept is similar to Connect 4 but you can have up to four players playing. 

And last but not least, I have a collection of Articulation Star Search Games.  I didn't make a Star Search game for every phoneme, just the ones that I tend to work with the most.  So, I have a file for /L, S, R, SH, CH, TH, R-blends, S-blends, L-blends, and K/.  Since I didn't make every phoneme for this game I don't have a bundle, they are all just available separately.  The concept of this game is to find the hidden star behind one of the pictures.  Kids will pick a picture and then you will drag and drop it into the alien or monster's mouth.  If they find a yellow star hiding behind one of the pictures they win! There are also 10 different gameboards for each sound so you will have the ability to play multiple times. 

Those are currently my go-to games to play for quick practice or when we need a break from themes! 

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