Fall Therapy Theme

 I know last week I said I'd share our fruits/vegetables therapy activities (and I will!) but since the first day of fall is coming up this week and it finally is feeling like fall outside I thought it may be more helpful to share some fall theme ideas today.  Most of my fall activities center around leaves and are paper/pencil but since I have found the annotation tool in WebEx we have been able to use a lot of the printables digitally we used to use with paper/pencil.  And I know many of you are not 100% remote/teletherapy so hopefully, they will be helpful ideas!HERE

First up, I am sending out (digitally) my Fall Bucket List! It has nine seasonal activities with examples of possible speech and language skills to go along with the activity.  I created this at the end of the school year and had great feedback from my parents with the summer bucket list.  There are opportunities to target speech and language goals in almost any activity and the idea behind this list is to have parents become more aware of ways to target skills in everyday activities too. 

This is the only truly digital activity on my list, Fall Sound Search Boom Cards!  I have a "fall scene" for each phoneme and the students have to find the 10 words with their sound hiding in the scene.  Another great activity that my kids loved in the spring. 

I can't make a list of activities and not include books.  I try to lead with literacy in almost everything we do and this is my collection of fall books.  The first pictures is a "fall fun" pack I ordered from scholastic book clubs and it is just awesome.  It covers so many different fall activities and I will be able to read them throughout the season. The second picture are additional fall-themed books I own, I won't read the same book with every group since the ages and ability levels differ so it's nice to have a variety to choose from.  I also try to read different books every year since I have a lot of students year after year. 

Next, are my Articulation 50 trials!  I have a seasonally themed picture for every sound in this file.  We will use the leaves for now.  I plan on screen sharing this page and using the annotation tool to cover the leaves. Our goal is to have at least 50 trials of our sound. 

You have probably noticed I love dot art!  I have a seasonal dot art printable for every month, not every group completes one every month but they are fun for many of my students.  The file includes both articulation and language targets which makes planning for mixed groups so easy!  I just print whatever skill they are targeting and we all create a leaf.  They look great hanging in our hallway when we are at school. 

Fall Bingo!  I made these for some of my students working on lower level language skills such as naming and identifying basic vocabulary.  The concept of bingo is not too hard for my students to understand and I like that we can introduce new, seasonal vocabulary along with the game. Not every board has all the pictures, so we may play three in a row or blackout. This is another activity that I have created for each month/theme.  I don't usually play it each month but it's a nice little game to have on hand that we can usually play quickly. 

All of my kids love playdough! This is one activity that I am not sure how we would do when we go back face to face (maybe personal playdough cans?) but this can also be used by covering the pictures with blocks or chips too. Again, it is a great activity to name/identify seasonal vocabulary but I will also use for inferencing or answering questions (Ex. Find something that is a fruit...Find something that grows on a vine...). 

The playdough mat and these vocabulary cards are both in my Fall Basic Concepts file.  I like to put these cards up in a pocket chart at the beginning of the month and refer back to them during different activities we do or books we read that have these words. 

And last but not least, my Fall No-Prep packet!  This was created for 2nd graders when I was teaching in the classroom (which is why it has math printables too) but I still use it for the comprehension mini-read.  We can search for words that have our articulation sound, or practice some reading comprehension before, during, and after the story.  It also comes with seasonal vocabulary cards too. 

That wraps up our fall theme!  If you use any of these activities with your students I'd love to hear about it!

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