Leaves Therapy Theme

 Our next theme this month is leaves, some of these materials may have also popped up during our fall theme but some are new. I will also continue to use some of my forest animal materials this week along with some leaves. Most of the materials I have specific to leaves were meant for face-to-face therapy but I do have a few new boom card activities I'll incorporate too.  Here's a peek at some of the materials I'll use this week!

As usual, we'll start with books!  Here are a few of the books about leaves I like to read.  I have also been reading quite a few books on Epic this year with teletherapy.  I love how easy it is to switch books for different groups and I feel the kids can see the book a bit better on Epic than the document camera. They have many books about leaves to choose from.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves is my favorite to read in person.  I have a book companion pack that goes along with this book.  We usually color and cut out the picture vocabulary cards and then sequence them to align with the story by gluing them to a sentence strip. I have found these materials to be best for K-2 language groups.

For my older kids working on articulation, I have the 50 Trials Leaf Challenge.  These are perfect to send home for homework after practicing.  For some groups we may have done this during fall week but if not then I will pull it out for leaf week and put it under the document camera. 

And you know I love my dot art!  I have a leaf version for the month of November.  These are always so colorful hanging in the hall.  I let the kids pick any color they would like to make their fall leaf. In this pack I have leaves for both articulation and language goals so it makes mixed groups really easy.  Each student gets a leaf that is specific to their goal. 

I also have a collection of mini-leaf erasers so I've printed some orange and yellow mini-speech cards to play with 2nd grade and up.  I love these mini-speech games because I can print them on different color paper, get out some new erasers and it's like a brand new game!  I also like that they are very goal specific. I used these quite a bit with themed mini-erasers. 

Usually, I will also go over the seasonal vocabulary for the week which will appear in the books we read or the game we'll play. This year though I will use my November Winning Word instead of the paper cards.  These specific cards are from my Fall No Prep file.  This no-prep file also has a short story called Leaves that I like to use with my middle grades language groups. 

Winning Word Boom Cards are new this year and I also have speech specific Winning Word games as well as working on monthly vocabulary games too.  It's a simple game but can be used to work on so many different language skills in addition to introducing or reviewing seasonal vocabulary. I'll use my November Winning Word this week. 

And last but not least, for my pre-K or Kinder language groups, we will build a fall scene.  This is also a new Boom card activity.  It comes with 22 different scenes to cover themes throughout the year.  I would use the fall forest scene to go with my leaves theme.  The kids use their words to give directions on where to place the items.  It's great to work on giving effective directions, answering questions, making requests, and using prepositions/spatial concepts.  
That wraps up leaves!  Next, we'll move on to turkeys!

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