Turkey Therapy Theme

 Gobble, gobble!  Here comes turkey week!  This week is all about November's favorite bird...the turkey!  As with my other themed therapy posts, I have materials for both in-person and virtual learning.  I will miss not making a paper turkey or paper bag game turkey this year but we have some fun boom cards planned too! Here's my collection of turkey materials.

First, I pulled out my collection of turkey books.  My younger kids love the old lady books and my older kiddos enjoy the How to catch a... series.  My favorite to read is 10 Fat Turkeys or 5 Silly Turkeys.  They are short, easy reads. 

Next, I have Turkey Talk!  These are great for mixed groups.  I print a turkey body and a set of feathers for each student.  The feathers will be target/goal specific.  We color, cut them out, and assemble during our session.  While we color/cut I take notes on conversational speech and carryover abilities during unstructured conversation.  It's a great time to just listen to my students speak and hear what they are starting to use or are not starting to use. After we assemble the kids use the targeted pictures to practice their goals. We then hang the turkeys in the hallway when we are finished with them. 

Turkey Trot was one of the first seasonal dice games I made last year.  It's another great game that makes planning for mixed groups easy.  I give each student a game board that is specific to their goals. I like to use candy corn as the pieces to cover our spaces and we call them "Turkey Toes or Turkey Teeth".  The kids think this is really funny.  Some of my kids like to eat candy corn so if they do I let them take their pieces home to eat. I obviously don't reuse the game pieces, whatever the student plays with either gets eaten or goes in the trash.  I can usually find candy corn leftover from Halloween pretty cheap around this time. 

Next, I have a fun paper bag game called Turkey Feathers!  The kids color and cut out the instructions.  We glue this to the bag and then I cut the top of the bag to size.  This makes it easier to reach in and grab the cards. Sometimes I print the cards on colored paper but other times I just print on white paper. Since the file has game cards for both articulation and language it makes it easy again to plan for mixed groups.  I just print an instruction tag and a set of game cards for each student. 

Here you can see each bag contains a set of game cards specific to the student.  The best part of this activity is that we can play in therapy and then my students take their bags home for home practice. 

Up next I have two new Boom Card decks to use this year during teletherapy, Gobble Gobble, and All About...Turkeys!

All About....Turkeys follows the same set-up as my apples and pumpkins cards.  It has five activities to include a digital story, comprehension questions, describing, labeling, life cycle, and a hide and seek game called Turkey Tracks.  I can use this to hit so many different goals. 

Gobble Gobble follows the same format as my Monster Mouth cards.  It's specific to articulation targets and 25 phonemes are included.  You choose a phoneme, feed the pictures to the turkey.  You can click on the turkey in the corner if you aren't sure what the picture may be.  The first player to find the tiny turkey hiding behind one of the pictures, wins! 

*Please note the same picture targets are included in this game that are also in the Monster Mouth game.*

This last set of materials are digital books or stories using the FREE for educators app Epic!  Epic! has an app and also has a website. The following pictures show the app but I usually use the website during sessions.  I have been using it quite a bit to read stories during teletherapy.  I have even started making collections in my account to go with my different themes. 

Here are the turkey books I've pulled for this week.  I LOVE that How to Catch a Turkey is on here!

Here's a picture that shows my collections I've started in my library.  This makes it really easy to find a book I want to use quickly during a session.  I highly recommend signing up for Epic! if you are an educator, it's FREE!

That wraps up turkey week!  Since we usually only have two days to squeeze in Thanksgiving after this week I sometimes carry turkeys into the next week too depending on the group.  I will be back next week to share my Thanksgiving materials too!

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