Snow Therapy Theme

 For at least the next two weeks therapy will be all about snow! We had a short week last week so some of my groups will be working on the winter theme this week too and then they'll move on to snow. It doesn't snow much in North Carolina but we always get excited if there's a chance!  This year I'll be using digital activities but I've included some face-to-face materials that I've used in year's past too. 

I always like to start with books and have no shortage of snow-themed books!  I will read some under the document camera but I've also pulled digital books from Epic! to screen share too. 

I have a fun paper bag game that we made last year, Snowball Fight!  Just like my other paper bag games, the kids each make a bag with a set of picture cards that target their goals.  We play during therapy and then send it home for home practice afterwards. Sometimes I print the cards or cover on color copy paper and other times we just use white. 

I have two sets of "snow" mini-erasers. snowflakes or snowmen.  They go great with my Mini-Speech Games or Winter Wonderland game.  The snowmen are technically pencil toppers but they make great game pieces. 

With teletherapy this year we have played this bottle cap game a few times.  I change the colors depending on the theme and for this month I added numbers to make it easier for the kids to tell me which bottle cap they want to look under.  I've hidden a few snowflake mini-erasers under some of the bottle caps.  I pull up some target pictures or ask questions to the students, once they complete the task they tell me which bottle cap to flip over.  They get one point for each snowflake they find and the student with the most points when time is up wins! 

Usually, in January we make one of my favorite crafts, Where Did the Snow Go?  The kids use cotton balls to add snow to the snowglobe.  While they cover up the pictures they practice using the word or answering the question. They are always fun to hang in the hallway after we make them. Tip: liquid glue works better than glue sticks if make these with your students. 

This year I will be using many boom cards this month. First, we'll read Snow Day! After we read we'll answer the questions and then sequence the story. 

For my articulation groups, we'll play Articulation Snowball Fight!  My older elementary groups (1st-3rd) will read All About...Snowmen! and complete the activities. 

I am most excited about Articulation Snowball Fight! Choose a phoneme and it pulls up a page with 15 snowballs (pictures included with target words). Seven out of fifteen of the snowballs are "hit" snowballs.  We will keep playing until time is up and the player who gets "hit" the least wins!

All About...Snowmen! is a language-themed deck, it has a short digital story, and a variety of language activities that we'll complete all about snowmen!

One more boom deck, Trapped in a Snowglobe!  This is an articulation-focused boom deck.  The students must trap the pictures in the snowglobe that contain their targeted sound only.  There are pictures that do not have their sound which is always great for auditory discrimination and awareness of their sound. 

I shared this collection of winter-y games last week and we'll still try to play a few using the document camera during the snow theme too.  I think Spot it and Yeti in my Spaghetti are the easiest to share under the document camera. 

And that wraps up all things about snow!  I may mix in a few books and things with arctic animals and yetis too but no plans for a big theme this year. 


  1. This is a great resource I could use in my classroom! I believe whenever the week before Christmas break come it is hard to figure out what to teach! These are great way to incorporate the winter season without associating it to a holiday. We must make sure all our students are accommodated for.

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  3. This is such an amazing resource to share with educators! I love how you not only incorporate activities, but you also include literacy through multiple books that fit this theme! There is such a wide variety of materials being used focused on many things. Seeing the variance through math, reading, visual arts, and many more can create a solid unit theme across the curriculum. I look forward to reading more about your materials you have available!