Valentine's Day Therapy Theme

 It's finally February!  January always feels so long, I am ready to kick off a new month with new materials! Most of the materials we'll use this month center around Valentine's Day but we will also work in some about hibernation and community helper materials too.  This post is a big collection of Valentine's Day materials we'll use!

First, we have books, books, and more books!  I love all the red, purple, and pinks of the Valentine's books. In the first picture, I have board books for pre-k-1st grade and the picture after is a collection of my paperback Valentine's Day books for 1st grade and up. 

I've included both paper products and digital products in this post because I know not everyone is 100% virtual like us.  First, I have a fun paper bag game for February called Love Notes.  In the past, we have used/made envelopes instead of paper bags but you could play either way.  I've said it before but I love these games because they are therapy fun and then built in-home practice. 

Most of what I use this month will be digital.  These are two boom card decks I'm most excited about, Articulation Valentine Party and Language Valentine Party.  They both have the same concept, you don't want to pop the valentine balloons (similar to my snowball fight deck but with balloons instead of snowballs).  The articulation deck includes 25 different phonemes and the language deck has 20 different language skills.  The language deck is mostly reading though so better for middle-upper elementary. 

Of course, I have to include my February iSpy and February Winning Word.  Most of the seasonal vocabulary this month is centered around Valentine's Day (but not all).  You can check out the words included after this next picture. The same words are included in both games. 

In years past my kids have really enjoyed playing these dice games each month.  The February themed game is called Love Bugs. We usually play with candy hearts and the kids get to take their game pieces home or eat them which is always their favorite part.  

Back to boom cards!  I find that having a good variety of language and articulation decks really makes my sessions run smoothly as I can pivot if need be.  I made a seasonal Boom Book called Valentine's Day.  These boom books have WH- questions, sequencing, retelling, and a mini-story that I can use to target so many language skills. This one is about finding who gave the girl in the story a red valentine. 

The next three decks, Love Letters, Candy Hearts, and Candy Jar are all articulation centered decks.  Love Letters is a "feed me" game where the students are challenged to find the love letter hiding behind one of the pictures.  My 4th-5th graders enjoy four-in-a-row games so Candy Hearts is one of those.  Candy Hearts only has words, no pictures so it's better suited for mid-upper elementary.  And last but not least, Candy Jar.  Candy Jar challenges the students to find the pictures that contain their speech sound and put them in the candy jar.  I like this because it builds awareness to their sound.  All three of these games are similar to other games I have made with the same concept but a different theme in the past few months.  

This month I also bundled all the Boom Cards for February together at a discounted price if you are interested in more than one deck.  

Back to paper materials, I have a Valentine's Day no-prep printables pack.  This was created when I taught 2nd grade so it also has math printables but I like to pull the vocabulary cards and the comprehension mini-read out to use in therapy. 

I can't forget this month's Dot Art, Hearts!  These little dot art worksheets are always fun and they brighten up the speech room or hallway when we display them.  I like that they can then be sent home for home practice too. 

My older kids like using the dot markers but the dot-art is too simple for them.  So, we print out some pages from my 50 Trials Articulation pack.  This month's theme is hearts! 

My students working on lower level language skills enjoy playing these bingo games and I like them because we can work on naming and identifying seasonal vocabulary. This is another fun activity to incorporate the candy hearts as game pieces which are usually very motivating. 

Speaking of candy hearts, I also have a FREE Conversation Hearts file in my TPT store that has printables for a variety of skills involving candy heats.  In therapy, we have used the sorting mat, candy heart taste test, and conversation heart carryover printables the most. 

And that covers a lot of Valentine's day!  We'll most likely use these materials for 2-3 weeks if possible during therapy. I hope it has given you some new ideas for the new month!

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