Five for Friday!

I am on time this week to link up for Five for Friday!!  Before we get to my five pictures, the winner of the Folktales pack was Mrs. Giles!  Congratulations, an e-mail is coming your way!

1. We had awards this week in the classroom.  We alternate every other nine weeks in the classroom and in the auditorium.  We had six different awards to give, they are Blue & Gold (honor roll), Perfect Attendance, Terrific Kid (character), Writer's Showcase, Extra Effort and Reading (A.R.).  The dog tags are also an incentive for meeting their AR goals, they get a dog tag for getting half way and one for meeting their goal. 

2. It was inventory week at school, this means that I have to find everything that has a barcode on it in the room, our library clerk comes to scan all my items and I hope that I don't have anything missing.  This pile looks small, but it is over 70 barcoded items that I have to keep track of.  Does anyone else have to go through this? 

3. Habitats!!  We briefly covered habitats this week.  My kiddos will dive into it more next week in Science but they were very intrigued by this sort. They had a ton of questions about animals and their habitats. 

4. Sidewalk Chalk Math!  Whenever it gets warmer I love breaking out the chalk to do some math on the sidewalk.  My kids LOVE it!  We reviewed lots of different math skills with our chalk!

5. I brought home a large amount of white T-shirts to tie-dye for Field Day next week!  I have tie-dyed the last three years, my first year I tried to do it at school but it was hard to get hot water in the classroom, and the kids got dye everywhere.  Plus I still had to take them home to wash them, so now I just bring the whole bunch home and do it at the house.

Well, that's my week!  Only 6 more weeks until summer (but who's counting??)! 


  1. Yay! Thank you so much! Can't wait to use it in my classroom!

  2. That barcode scanning thing would drive me crazy! Knowing me, I probably would have tossed things I was supposed to save. (Justifiably, of course...for example, the globe would have probably had 48 states in America...)

    I cannot imagine tie dying all those shirts, either. I would be banned from doing it at home by my husband after the first splotch of green on the floor, red on the carpet, and orange on the bathmat!

  3. I would despise inventory day! Yuck. We only have do that if we leave. I love when I find another second grade teacher to follow! Great blog!

  4. WHAT?!? Inventory day - I thought that was only at Walmart!?! And well done for tie-dying all those shirts! A lot of work, but I'm sure they turn out fabulous! Love your idea with the sidewalk chalk!

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. I just found you through FIve for Friday! I have taught K, 1, and 2, but now am in 1st :) Cute blog!

    Primary Buzz

  6. Wow! I cant even imagine having inventory day. As for tie dying our P.E teachers do it for the whole school. Well they have the students do it when they go to P.E. after they run their laps. The students love it and let me tell you I love it as well because I don't have to do it. Wish you luck in your tie dying experience. Found your blog through the linky, I am now your newest follower.

    First Grade A to Z