Let's Catch Up!

Well my spring break is coming to end today. I am sad but this means that only nine weeks stands between me and summer break, so let's get this nine weeks started!!  I have been a BUSY girl over spring break and I wanted to recap in case anyone else was on Spring Break this week and missed something. 

 Before we get to that, let's back up a little.  Here are a few photos of what we did before we left for Spring Break. My kiddos were enjoying some Hippity Hop games and Easter activities!

We had an egg hunt around our classroom, each egg was filled with a math fact.  This game is from the Hippity Hop pack.

We also played "Hippity Hop", this game made me realize how much they need to practice some ELA language skills which inspired me to finish up one of my end-of-year MEGA packs below. We need some extra practice!

I broke out all the craft supplies I had, and let them go crazy with a blank egg.  I had puffy paint, feathers, markers, construction paper, foam pieces.  When we do a craft, it's usually very controlled so this was difficult to let them just make whatever they wanted but they had a blast.  Their writing turned out great too!

We also made cute cards, they wrote a note inside for any family member they wanted to write to. 

Our "Fun Thursday" craft were these Eggheads.  I filled them with jellybeans too.  The kids thought they were great, and they were super easy to make!

Now let's move onto what I did over Spring Break!  Here's a rundown of all the new products I had time to finish up and post!!  Many of these had been hanging out on my desktop for weeks so it was nice to finally get them finished.  I'm even more excited to get them ready to use during the next nine weeks! You can click on any of the images to check them out on TPT.

These End-Of-Year packs are awesome, I know I made them and I'm a little biased because I think everything I make is awesome but seriously, they have TONS of games, centers and activities.  They say end-of-year but I will be using them throughout the whole last nine weeks!

I finished up the last nine weeks of math problem of the day questions.  This pack has 45 questions to finish up the year with! We answer a problem every day to kick off our math lesson.  My kids glue these into their math journals and the question is often a review.  Sometimes I go out of order depending on what we've covered previously.  My kids are sticklers for routine because if we don't start with a problem of the day, they get grumpy!

I also put all of my problem of the day packs into one mega bundle!  You can save by purchasing them all if you think it's something you could use in your classroom!

As I was updating our 2012-2013 pacing guide, I noticed that plants is listed for the 4th nine weeks in science.  I looked at the 2nd grade and 3rd grade NC science standards to create this pack.  It is aligned for both grades, we will be using it over the next 2-3 weeks to briefly talk about the generic life cycle of a plant and the differences between plants and animals. 

I also had time to put together a new uno-like game for Earth Day, these uno-like games are my kids FAVORITE.  They get so excited when I introduce a new one, so I know they'll love this one too!  Plus it's a FREEBIE! So you can click on the image to download it for FREE!

It feels so good to finish up all those projects.  But hubby and I did have time to sneak away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.  We just got back from here, so it wasn't all work and no play : )

Well, I hope everyone had a restful Spring Break of their own. I know testing is coming up for many of you, so here's to a great 4th nine weeks and may the testing odds be ever in your favor! : )


  1. I am sitting here just with a million things to do and m science plans are one of them. We are doing plants and I just don't feel like planning it! I am SO thankful I saw this post! I am on my way to buy the unit now:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

    1. Thanks so much Tonya! I have spent all evening laminating pieces of the Plants pack : ) I hope your kiddos enjoy it!