Five for Friday!

It's Friday again!  I am so excited that it's finally May!!  The end is near but we have been super busy in 2nd grade.  This week was full of mClass testing, the human body and time!  Here are a few pictures of our week!
We survived Field Day!  One of my kiddos took this picture, she was not aiming for my feet but I think it looks pretty artistic! She was trying to capture photographic proof of my terrible hula-hooping skills!

Those bins from last week are now full, in fact they are overflowing.  I think I may need to buy more and that I may have a slight center addiction! 

Moving right along with time, we learned about AM and PM. We made these in-the-math-journal-flip books.  I don't really know what to call them but that seemed to work. : )  We made lists of different activities that would be done in the AM versus the PM. 

My hubby and his 4th grade team have requested one more 4th grade math pack for the year.  I am hoping to finish this up in the next day or two!

We are entering the last two weeks of our ELA unit, Taking Care of Ourselves. We began this unit by studying Nutrition and now we're onto the study of our body systems.  We aren't going into too much depth, just basic understanding of organs, muscles and bones.  This week we studied organs.  We made body cutouts and added some organs that we read about in ELA.  Our main story was The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body.  Next week we will study muscles and the week after will be all about bones!  This has been a hit with my kids, they have SO MANY questions about the human body!  Some that I'm afraid to answer : ) 

Well that's my week!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your math journal AM/PM! I need to remember that for next year :)

  2. I HATE mClass...ugh! I finally finished ALL my kiddos today! It took me almost two weeks! Not good timing either with EOG's right around the corner...

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  3. I love the your Am/Pm activity in the journals! Too cute! I am not sure what the mClass is, but it doesn't sound pleasant! So thankful my 2nd graders only take the Sat-10. Glad to find another 2nd grade blogger. :)

    The Applicious Teacher