Telling Time continued...

All your time guesses were awesome, I especially loved the 6:30, 6:45 ones...I so wish I could get up at those times!  The winner was Allyson with 5:35!  Congratulations, an e-mail is coming your way.  We continued learning about time today in math.  Here are a few pictures of our lesson. 

I have a class set of these clocks and they are fantastic for my kiddos to manipulate. The hour hand doesn't move.  It only moves when you move the minute hand, which makes the time more realistic.  

I broke out good ol' "Judy" to show time and to practice reading time.  I will start walking around with Judy tomorrow (and some Smarties). I flash the time whenever possible (in the cafeteria, in line for the bathroom,  etc.) if they are correct I give them a quick Smartie.  

As we do everyday we started our lesson with a Problem of the Day review.  This gives me a quick assessment to see who retained what we learned yesterday and who is still working on the skill. 

Then we made a quick chart to put on our Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. 

Finally, we practiced using some basic drill.  I called out a time and they made it on their clocks.  As you can see from the first picture we have about 5 different times displayed....boy do we need some practice! We also played one of our FAVORITE SmartBoard games.  It is called Sunken Treasure and it is a FREE download from HERE! That site has a ton of free powerpoint games.  This one has 10 different game boards and there is treasure hidden behind one of the numbers.  We use it a lot, if they show me the right time (or it can be used whenever they give a correct answer for any type of activity) I pick one student to guess a number.  Once we find the Treasure the game is over.  I can't wait to break out the games from my Telling Time pack once we get a little better understanding!  


  1. I have the ETA clocks too LOVE them more then Judy!

  2. I love those little clocks! They are the greatest invention since sliced bread!

  3. Thanks for the unit - can't wait to use it next year when we do time!

    Question - are your mClass written response questions still available? In the midst of assessments, I am realizing we need to practice this part of TRC next year, and would love your mClass questions.